Wednesday, 16 January 2008

I love podcasts

I love podcasts, especially gaming podcasts, theres nothing like sitting down and listening to your favorite video game journalists talk about news, what they have been playing, or sex on a couch with the PS3 running in the background (thank you CheapyD), so here I present for you, my favorite podcasts in no particular order;

1. The Hotspot: GameSpot's weekly show, tune in for a recap of the latest happenings in the video game industry, oh and they also take your phone calls and e-mails.

2. GSUK: Fortnightly podcast from the Gamespot UK team, pretty much the same deal as the Hotspot but focusing on the UK.
Welcome to the GameSpot UK Podcast, our regular audio show in which we recap the biggest news and trends in the gaming industry over the past couple of weeks and talk to people in the industry about what’s happening in their world.'

3. Kojima Pro Podcast: The Kojima Productions podcast hosted by Ryan Payton is a must listen for any Metal Gear fan, with interviews, regular guest presenters and if your lucky some exclusive news about MGS.

4. Cheap Ass Gamer: Tune in to hear the opinions of a large white guy in Japan and a professional game blogger. CheapyD and Wombat keep me entertained on a weekly basis and they can keep you entertained too simply by clicking

5. Major Nelson: Xbox lives Larry Hryb a.k.a Major Nelson and E spend an hour or so of their precious time to keep us updated on all things Xbox.

6. 1up yours: 'the premier videogames podcast where hosts Garnett Lee, Shane Bettenhausen and John Davison report on the videogame industry and the community that surrounds it', or thats what they say, I agree.

7.EGM Live: The companion to Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, featuring an assortment of 1up Ziff Davis favorites.

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