Friday, 18 January 2008

Ninja Destiny

I enjoy Naruto, it's a great anime, well, the Japanese version is anyway (Insert arrogant otaku scoff here) but one thing that has been unimpressive so far is the excessive amounts of bad Naruto games, apart from Rise of Ninja for the 360 and the first two Narutimette Hero games the rest of them have all been below average, so you can't blame me for feeling a little sick every time a new Naruto game is announced, the next game in the series is Naruto: Ninja Destiny for the unstoppable Nintendo DS, the game is a 3D fighter, yes you heard me correctly 3D, so far it isn't looking to good, lets hope the gameplay can pull it back
Heres a gameplay video brought to you by the fine folks at, one vaguely exciting aspect is the connection icon at the bottom right of the screen, online play anyone?

1 comment:

Sean said...

Wow...that has to be the single most boring looking fighting game that I have ever seen...

I'm waiting for a Naruto game on the DS that will let you bring up a menu that allows you to tap hand-seals on screen to perform jutsus.

That'd be fun ^_^ This...just looks like trash!