Saturday, 26 January 2008

A Tale of Souls and Swords, Eternally Retold

Namco Bandai recently announced the return of three Soul Calibur veteran fighters, the nun-chuka user and part-time Elvis impersonator Maxi, ranged staff user Seong-Mina and Yun-Seong (also known as "Isn't that just Hworang from Tekken with a blade?").
Obviously not as exciting as their earlier announcement about Darth Vader and Yoda but still noteworthy. I can't say that I've played with Seong-Mina long enough to form an opinion, but Yun-Seong and Maxi are two characters that I have spent copious amounts of time mastering. Maxi is one of the most frustrating and psychologically devastating characters to square up against, his attacks are very quick and his movements are extremely hard to read, especially when you're under pressure, skilled players can string together crushing combos that will leave any unprepared player babbling like a confused baby.
Yun-Seong is a very fun character to play, he has alot of fakes and is able to string together juggling combos.
As you can tell I am dying to play Soul Calibur 4, so much so in fact that I'm going to pay Soul Calibur 2 now.

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