Thursday, 3 January 2008

Street Fighter IV

Unless you are blind, deaf and have no internet access (...In which case how did you get here and what do you want...) you've probably heard the recent announcement about Capcom's much loved Street Fighter series, Street Fighter IV (thats 4 for all of you that don't know your roman numerals) is currently in development for at the very least arcades, although a console release has not yet been announced an XBOX 360 and PS3 release is very likely. In this generation of high definition gaming its hard to imagine a 2D fighting game gaining popularity, even if it is Street Fighter. With games like Virtua Fighter, Tekken and Soul Calibur pushing the 3D fighting genre to amazing heights what place does a 2D fighting game have within this dying genre of games, well, lucky for you GameVideos ( has been fortunate enough to interview veteran Capcom developer Yoshinori Ono and get the answers to some very important questions important questions.

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