Saturday, 5 January 2008

Late to the party.!

2007 is now in the past and we have all moved swiftly onto 2008, and in the spirit of the new year i think i should do the obligatory 'Game of the year' post, so, here it goes.


1. Super Mario Galaxy: This game was a breath of fresh air and a return to form for everyones favorite podgy plumber. The game was cleverly split up into bite-size planets, each with its own theme, essentially each little planet formed a mini-game which meant you could collect one or two stars and go, or play all day and collect every single shiny star and get a special treat at the end.

2. The Orange Box: This package packs a punch (say that 20 times really fast, go on..), comprised of 5 games including the much loved Half-Life 2 and its two follow up chapters (Episode 1 and 2), the mind-bending Portal and the aesthetically pleasing and dangerously addictive Team Fortress 2, as well as being pure value for money Portal and Team Fortress 2 alone could stand as Game of the Year candidates, with deep, addictive and thoroughly entertaining gameplay the Orange Box will be remembered for years to come, and not just for its horrible box art.

3. God of War 2: This game is pure, visceral, testosterone fueled chaos, picking up where God Of War left of Kratos, the newly crowned God of War must defend himself against Zeus, with an amazing story, tried and true gameplay and the most intense interactive cut-scenes this side of Heavenly Sword God Of War 2 is easily one of the best PS2 games made.

4. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3: One of the greatest RPG's ever to come out of Japan, Persona 3 mixes a randomly generated dungeon crawler with a school life/dating sim, the premise is very simple; there are actually 25 hours in the day, an hour between midnight and 1am known as the 'Dark Hour', during this hour a strange and sinister tour, bad things are happening and you need to traverse the tower and take care of business. The game has you attend school and do 'normal' activities to create and strengthen your bonds with people thus giving power to your Persona, during the night time you explore Tartarus, a labyrinth tower infested with monsters and other ghoulish beings, the battle system sees you exploit elemental weaknesses and using your Persona's to defeat the enemies, how do you use your Persona's you ask, you pull out your pistol and shoot yourself in the head.
5. Call of Duty 4: This game is a refinement of all that is good in the FPS genre, while the single player is only around 5 hours, it packs a punch like Mike Tyson, the longevity of the game comes from its highly addictive multiplayer mode, adding an RPG twist on the multiplayer mode each game of deathmate, domination or ground war gives you experience points based on kills and accomplishing task, this allows you to increase the rank of your character (the equivalent of leveling up in an RPG) which in turn unlocks perks, these perks can be used to augment your character and gain experience even quicker.

Game Of The Year:

Persona 3: The eye catching art style, nicely done English voice acting, strangely catchy J-pop and sleek, addictive gameplay of Persona 3 adds up to an extremely enjoyable and unforgettable gameplay experience, I had the most fun i have had in months playing this game, it is my Game of the Year.

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